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Best Millionaire Dating Sites Reviews

All of us have a dream about the appearance and qualities of our future fiance or would be. Initially human species were struggling in assessing the characters of people and finding a partner. Even two decades ago our parents were struggled to flirt with each other. 

But now cell phones are helping people to connect with their matches through  dating websites and applications. These websites are assessing the credibility and reliability of people on behalf us. We always choose our partner who is physically, mentally and economically pleasant and equal to us.

Best Millionaire Dating Sites Reviews

There are several kinds of dating sites connecting people who are seeking for a perfect person to date with. Among other dating sites some dating sites specifically work only for the rich elite millionaires. These millionaire dating sites have several features, pro’s and con’s. 

Now we are going to review some of the top millionaire dating sites, which may help you in future to find your perfect partner.

#1 Millionaire Match

millionaire match
Real Profiles
Customer Support
Privacy & Safety
Price Range

Overview About Millionaire Match

MillionaireMatch is one of the most popular dating sites. It helps the people who belong to the elite economic community to find their partners. Millionaire matches use wealth as a key point of attraction. Millionaire Match has been successfully connecting people since 2001. Millionaire match website has more than 4.5 million subscribers across the world. A profile can be created by giving an email address, location, age, gender, and income. Subscriber should submit the tax return form of the last financial year to become a certified millionaire match member.

Pros and Cons of Millionaire Match


  • Certified millionaire members can be identified by a diamond logo on their profile.
  • Verified icons will be given to the pic which is verified by the millionaire match website.
  • Free members can reply to the messages received from the premium members.
  • No online advertisements.
  • 24/7 customer service by phone and email.


  • Initiating a message exchange requires gold membership.
  • Free memberships have limited search functionality.
  • Video chat is not available
  • More expensive than other dating websites
  • Millionaire match applications don’t have as many features as websites.

Features of Millionaire Match

  • Premium members can initiate a conversation with other members, & receive priorities from search result.

  • A member can upload 26 photos. Photos can also be imported from Facebook.

  • Pictures can only be seen by members you've given access to.

  • Luxury albums allow members to post the luxury products they like.

  • Members can describe themselves or their match with 4,000 characters.

  • Members can write about their own business.

  • Profiles can be hidden from all the other members except your favorites.

  • Millionaire match website accounts can be connected with Facebook accounts.

  • A New feature called boosts put a profile at the top of the search result and discover its location for 30 minutes.

  • All types of relationships like gay, lesbian, straight are allowed in millionaire match website.

Price and Plans of Millionaire Match

Duration           –     Cost
1 month            –      $70
3 months          –     $135
6 months          –     $240 
12 months        –     $400
Boosts               –     $1.99 
Super boosts   –    $5.99

Verdict - Why MillionaireMatch

Millionaire matches have been attracting millionaire men and women for 20 years. Millions of certified millionaires and their verified pictures are available. Which makes it worth becoming a premium member of the millionaire match website.

Real Profiles
Customer Support
Privacy & Safety
Price Range

Overview About Luxy - Best Dating site for Millionaire

Luxy is the millionaire matchmaking website. Which connects millionaires around the world who are searching for true love. Nearly 2.5 lakhs millionaires from the USA alone have membership in the Luxy dating website. People who earn at least 500 thousand dollars a month can only be a member of Luxy. It also has an ‘Anti-scam system’ to trace and seminate doubtful accounts. Unlike other dating websites, Luxy members can see both male and female matching’s even though they mentioned their gender.

Pros and Cons of Luxy


  • Luxy has more reliable members.
  • Vouch to decide who can join.
  • Members can verify their photos and income.
  • Android and iOS applications are available.


  • More expensive than other millionaire dating sites.
  • Desktop site options and features are minimum.
  • Free members can’t use the features as much as premium members do.

Features of Luxy

  • Luxy Black members can send messages to a profile who is not his/her match.

  • Luxy members can send and receive unlimited messages.

  • Virtual gifts can be sent through a message to express interest.

  • Members can search for a profile by location.

  • Members can see whoever has viewed their profiles. But Luxy Black member's profiles won't be shown on the list even though they viewed the profile.

  • Luxy Black members can hide their profiles from others. The profile will only be shown to the members they liked.

  • Members who verified their income can use the "Face me" feature.

  • They can share what's app number of their Instagram page just by clicking the "video Date" button.

  • After sharing contacts the members can interact with one another through a video call.

Price and Plans on Luxy Millionaire dating Website

Luxy Black

Duration          –      Cost
1 month           –      $99.99
3 months         –     $239.97
6 months         –     $353.94

Luxy Tune

Duration            –      Cost
1 month             –      $12.99

Luxy Tune

20 coins              –     $1.99
200 coins.           –    $15.99
2000 coins.        –    $99.99
5000 coins.        –    $199.99
20,000 coins.    –    $599.99

Verdict - Why Luxy for Millionaires?

Luxy’s “Anti-scam system” and “vote for newcomers’ ‘ process eliminates fake and unwanted profiles at the initial stage. Which makes it one of the most reliable dating sites for millionaires around the world. Luxy is definitely worth a try.

#3 The League

The League
Real Profiles
Customer Support
Privacy & Safety
Price Range

Overview About The League

The league dating website was first launched in 2015. Unlike tinder, league dating has more intelligent and ambitious people as it’s members. This website only targets career-oriented and ambitious people. Since it is a career-oriented dating app, Linking Facebook and LinkedIn profiles with The league is very important. Members will be asked to pay a high price to bypass the linking of Fb and linked in profile with The league app. Members’ education, profession, and social circle will be scrutinized by the league application team.

Pros &and Cons of the Millionaire Dating Site "The League"


  • The intense verification process ensures the reliability of the members in the website.
  • The app gives priority to the members who log in each and every day.
  • Every member of the league is a successful person.
  • Joining as a paid member will reduce the waiting time to get accepted by the team.


  • Your application verification process may take a while.

  • Members are allowed to write about them within 140 characters which are shorter than tinder.

  • Only a limited number of matches will be allowed for a day.

  • Members who are irregular in logging in will finally be kicked off and will have to pay $25 to get readmitted.

Features - The League

  • League tickets will make you brightest among the brightest to improve your selection.

  • League groups will connect members with the like-minded people.

  • League ownership will give members access to every feature available in the app.

  • Photos can be uploaded from members' Facebook accounts.

  • Members can participate in a live league twice a week, which allows members to participate in 2 minutes of video streaming.

  • The league members can filter matches by education.

Price and Plans - The League

League member    –  $29 (per month)
League owner        –  $83 ( per month)
League investor     –  $999(per month)

Verdict - What Special About "The League"

Though it’s not only for millionaires it’s definitely for the successful elite, Expensive,  and intelligent people. You can surely find an intellectual partner just by diving into the league app/website.


Elite Singles
Real Profiles
Customer Support
Privacy & Safety
Price Range

Overview about EliteSingles

Elitesingles is especially for educated professionals who are interested in serious relationships. Elitesingles has attracted nearly 13 million educated people around the world. Users have to complete a personality test to become a member of which will assess the personality of a user in 5 basic dimensions. The site does online verification to make sure that the pictures and details are given by the users originally belong to them.

Pros and Cons of EliteSingles


  • Matches will be shown to the members based on the answers given to the personality test.
  • Profiles with highlighted details are easily identifiable to users.
  • Privacy, filtering options are very extensive.


  • Free plan members can get only 3-7 matches per day.
  • Sign up process will take time to get consent from the elitesingles team.
  • Elitesingles has No search option in the App.

Features of EliteSingles

  • 'Have you met' features can be used by paid members. Which will introduce some matches that do not appear in daily matches?

  • "Wildcard matches" will introduce some pictures with blurred faces and information about the profile.

  • members can upload up to 24 pictures. It's more than that of any other dating site.

  • Members can send smilies and ice breaker questions to the matches.

  • uses SSL- secured websites to prevent credit card fraud.

Price on EliteSingles Dating Website

12 months:     –     $39.95/month
6 months        –     $53.95/month
3 months        –     $69.95/month

Verdict - Why EliteSingles? is primarily focused on professionals who are looking for relationships. The personality assessment test helps members to learn a little bit about themselves.  The time the user invests in completing the personality test brings perfect match.


Real Profiles
Customer Support
Privacy & Safety
Price Range

Overview about is one of the safest websites for sugar daddies or sugar babies seeking each other’s company. has more than 1 crore active members all around the world. In which 80% are sugar babies and 20% are sugar daddies and sugar mommas. Users’ registration forms will undergo a strict verification procedure. Uploaded pictures need to get consent before being available to profile. The matches can be searched by members who have recently been online. Features are the same for desktop and app versions. 

Pros and Cons of Seeking Agreement


  • has a Strict profile verification procedure.
  • Each Sugar daddies/ mommas can have 4 sugar babies.
  • Sugar babies who sign up with their college email address will get free premium membership.
  • Members whose profile picture got consent can send messages to the matches.
  • Members can have a private gallery of their pictures. Nobody will have access to see the pictures without member’s permission


  • There are some fake profiles on the side of sugar babies.
  • Seeking app is currently not available for iOS.
  • Sugar daddies/mommas have to get premium membership to get better results.
  • Newcomers will rank top unless you get a premium membership or qualify for diamond membership.

Features of

  • Sugar blog is an important feature that has some quality advice about sugar dating.

  • Diamond membership will be given to sugar daddies and mommas who have been having premium membership at least for the last two months.

  • Members can mention how much their sugar daddy/mommy should spend on you.

  • Profiles attached to Instagram, Facebook, or linked in will be given a badge.

  • The member will have their background checked by a third party company for security purposes.

  • Members can search their matches by distance in meters.

Prices on

Premium membership:
$19.95 per month
&44.84 for three months ($14.95 per month)

Verdict - Why Seeking Agreement? is a very safe platform for sugar daddies/ mommas and sugar babies who want to meet each other. has millions of users around the world. Anyone who wants to enjoy rich dating can get into this website. It’s not very expensive.


Established Men
Real Profiles
Customer Support
Privacy & Safety
Price Range

Overview about Established Men has been one of the highly ranked rich sugar daddy dating sites since its launch in 2008. Which attracts rich and successful men looking for sugar babies. This dating site is connecting people to engage them in mutually beneficial relationships. connect singles from more than 100 countries around the world. gives free service to the female members so they are more active than the male members on the site.

Pros and Cons of Established Men


  • Sugar babies proportion in dating site is higher than the Sugar daddies.
  • Members have the option to block a profile that they don’t like.
  • Incognito mode can be used to prevent your profile picture from being shown up in search results.
  • Sugar daddies have very little competition in dating sites.


  • Sugar babies fake profile is more when compared to other dating sites.
  • doesn’t have an app version.
  • has very few active members.
  • Members can’t search profiles by recently been in an online feature.

Features of Established Men

  • Users can listen to others' voices through a built-in voicemail system.

  • 'Find a date tonight ' option will increase the probability of getting to meet a new sugar baby/daddy through a dating site.

  • All the features in established men are free for single sugar babies.

  • Premium members will have a badge beside their name and will appear on top of search results.

  • Sugar daddies can have relationships with 4 girls at the same time.

  • The verification system in the dating site helps sugar daddies to get their date any time sooner.

Prices on Established Men

1 month        –        $79
3 months      –       $147 ($49 per month)
12 months    –       $300 ($25 per month)
(Credits will be given along with a subscription to buy virtual gifts)

Verdict - Why Established Men?

As a sugar daddy, you can find more sugar babies than you could imagine in Sugar daddies competition is very less when compared to sugar babies. So it would be useful for a sugar daddy to have an account to meet his perfect sugar baby.


Real Profiles
Customer Support
Privacy & Safety
Price Range

Overview about Whats Your Price is the most controversial dating site by its name. This dating site acts as an auction site to date sugar daddy/baby. The one with the highest bid gets the chance to date with a man or lady. This website claims to have more than 12 lakhs users. And more than 8 lakhs bids on dates. A member has to pay for the right to bid. And also have to pay to communicate with whom you have bid for.

Pros and Cons of Whats Your Price


  • Anti-scam policy in makes sure that the person is reliable.
  • gives a healthy and safe environment for users.
  • It gives you options whether you want to bid or receive bids on the date.
  • dating website is very easy to navigate.


  • If the college email account doesn’t end with .edu that account won’t be considered.
  • People who have coins will only be allowed to bid on attractive members.
  • No information about attractive members and paid users.
  • has no mobile application.

Features of Whats Your Price

  • A camera verification will be done to make sure that you are not a scammer or cat fisher.

  • Students who sign up with their college email address will get a free account.

  • Search options will show members Within50 miles around you.

  • Users can upload public and private photos. Private photos can't be seen unless the profile holder gives you permission.

  • Service staff will check the photos uploaded on the website.

  • The bidding system doesn't have any upper limit. But the average bit is $125.

  • Attractive members have higher bids and appear on the top of search results.

Price - Whatsyourprice.zom

100 credits     –      $50

Verdict - What Special About Whats Your Price? is a unique hook up site which offers you to buy a date for an appropriate price. It’s a very safe and healthy place to bid date.


Real Profiles
Customer Support
Privacy & Safety
Price Range

Overview about Date A Millionaire

Finding a millionaire partner is the toughest job in this society. There are a number of millionaire dating sites that give you a platform to date a millionaire. But the credibility of those millionaire dating sites is questionable. But dating a millionaire gives you a platform where you can meet a real millionaire who is looking for a millionaire partner like you. The is less expensive than other dating sites. A member can filter his perfect match by searching 40 search definitions.

Pros and Cons of Date A Millionaire


  • website has an audio/video chat room.
  • It verifies the income of its millionaire members.
  • has lots of social features.


  • No mobile app is available.
  • Clutter website design

Features of Date A Millionaire

  • dating site is designed exclusively for single millionaires around the world.

  • Members can filter their matches by using more than 35 parameters.

  • The rapid match feature suggests like-minded people to the members based on the profile information.

  • Chat room interactions will give you an online acquaintance of many users.

  • Forum Page discussions will give you some idea of what is happening in the field of millionaire dating.

  • "Little black book" option will add some members to your favorite list.

Prices on Date A Millionaire

3 Days Plan         –      $7.93
1 Month Plan      –      $29.86
3 Months Plan    –      $39.89 ($13.30 / month)

Verdict - Why Date A Millionaire?

The social features in the dating site help members to connect with authentic millionaires. If you are interested in meeting someone affluent then this website will definitely work out for you.

What makes a MillionaireMatch website top among other dating sites?

Millionairematch is definitely something different from other dating sites. Even Though there are a lot of dating sites for sugar daddy/baby relationships, millionaire matches stand for Long term relationships.

  • Millionaire Match has more than 4 million wealthy and fabulous single millionaires as it’s members.
  • Millionaire Match gives certified millionaire badge features 24/7 to make the site more reliable and credible among other millionaire dating sites.
  • Success stories in the millionaire match give a platform to members to share their experiences and which actually inspires new members.
  • Millionairematch has a classy home page to serve it’s millionaire members. It’s signed up ratio has increased up to 6% ever since it launched its new home page.
  • Millionaire match has been featured on CNN, ABC, and CBS and was voted “Best of the Web” by Forbes.
  • Millionaire match connects its members through Facebook which helps to understand the character of that member.
  • Its verification process makes this site one of the fake profile free dating sites available for single millionaires.
  • website is only for those who seek serious relationships. it doesn’t sugar baby/daddy relationships.
  • Premium members can use every feature of the site, which gives them more chances to meet whom they are looking for.

Few Honorable Dating sites for Millionaires


Real Profiles
Customer Support
Privacy & Safety
Price Range

Overview about Match

If you are looking out for love or marriage then is there for you. This site has been connecting singles for more than 20 years. has more than 20 million members and 8 million premium members all around the world. gives you an extraordinary offer that if you can’t find your match within 6 months it will give you another 6 months membership for free. There is no account verification after you’ve submitted your information form.

Pros and Cons of Match


  • has high member activity.
  • There is a profile builder to help members to create a profile.
  • Search filters in are extensive.
  • Members can track the matches he liked.
  • has a chat room for premium members.
  • Members can see the matches online availability.
  • Members can send their match profile to’s sister sites to increase matches.


  • Members have to pay to send a message to match.
  • Since there is no verification process, fake profiles can be easily created.

Features of Match.Com

  • Reverse match is a list of members who you are not compatible with. A member can find a perfect match through reverse match search.

  • Boost features will place your profile on top of the suggestion and will discover you for one hour.

  • The match members you've liked will be listed under likes. You will be able to follow the matches you liked.

  • Members can voice call to his/her match through Match phone. For this match com will assign you a custom number.

  • Match me suggestions on others' profiles will put you on top of their matches.

  • "Match dating guarantee" will give you free six month membership if you can't find a match during your subscription period.

  • Date check in feature allows you to add 3 emergency contacts which will receive the dates name time and location of your meeting with date.

  • Vibe check feature will give members access to do video calls but both members should be matched and conversed.

Prices and Plans on

Premium Plan

3 months       –     $44.97
6 months       –     $68.94
12 months     –     $107.88

Standard Plan

3 Months        –      $12.99
6 Months        –      $9.99 USD
12 Months      –      $7.99 USD


1 Credit         –      $0.99 USD
5 Credits       –      $0.80 USD
10 Credits     –      $0.60 USD

Verdict - Why Match.Com?

The unique features in the increases the probability of its members finding their perfect match. Match guarantee feature attracts more members than anything. If you are truly looking out for a true relationship then is a reliable place to invest your time and money.

Real Profiles
Customer Support
Privacy & Safety
Price Range

Overview about Eharmony

eHarmony dating site was launched in 2000. This site claims to create more than 1.5 million matches a day. 6 lakh couples have got married through the eHarmony dating site. This site has 2 crore members from the USA alone. eHarmony dating site is determined to help singles looking for a long term relationship. A member has to have a premium membership to use an eHarmony dating site efficiently.

Pros and Cons of Eharmony


  • Matching methods are precise and specific.
  • The majority of eHarmony dating site members are aged 25-34 years old.
  • Members’ character and personalities are assessed through personality tests.
  • eHarmony application is available for free download in both IOS/ play store.
  • Every desktop features are available in the App.


  • The signup process is very lengthy when compared to other dating sites.
  • eHarmony doesn’t have a variety of communication mediums.
  • Only premium members have access to see the profile pictures of matches.

Features of Eharmony

  • Members can send a smiley sticker to the attractive matches by just clicking a smiley icon at the bottom of every profile.

  • Members can add the matches to their favorite list just by clicking the star icon on the top of the profile.

  • A paid future call "what if" will show 30 extra matches who are outside of your preferences.

  • The video date feature gives you access to do video calls with your match.

Prices and Plans on Eharmony

6 Months           –        $65.90
2 Months          –        $22.95
24 Months       –        $17.95

Verdict - Why Eharmony?

eHarmony’s personality test gives you some knowledge about yourself. The basic communication feature that the site provides you will help you to focus on getting to know your match. eHarmony would be very useful for those who seek long term relationships and marriage.

Real Profiles
Customer Support
Privacy & Safety
Price Range

Pros and Cons of Suggar Daddy Meet


  • SugarDaddyMeet has 40% more sugar baby members than sugar daddies.
  • Fake and low-quality profiles memberships are immediately suspended.
  • Replying to messages of other members is free.


  • Mobile apps have very few features than the website.
  • Upgrading membership through mobile apps is expensive.

Features of Suggar Daddy Meet

  • "Let's match" is a special future in which a photo will be shown to you if both the members and match hearts each other and you'll be in the mutual match list.

  • Blog feature allows members to share whatever they want to share with SugarDaddyMeet dating sites.

  • Forum feature allows members to post questions and answers.

  • After the verification process, a sugar daddy can get a badge and become a certified sugar daddy.

  • The first date idea is a compiled idea of sugar babies, sugar daddies can add their ideas too.

Prices on Suggar Daddy Meet

1 Month           –        $ 50.00 USD
3 Months        –        $ 30.00 USD
6 Months        –        $24.00 USD

Verdict - Why Suggar Daddy Meet?

There are so many features in the SugarDaddyMeet to find a perfect match. If you are seriously looking for a serious sugar daddy/baby relationship sugar daddy must be the best site for that.

Date a Millionaire

Going out on a date is something that many people may find to be truly challenging, especially when they find themselves a little lost on what to say and even what to do. They may even be wondering how they can ever truly make such a wonderful impression on their partner during the date. You might be one of these individuals who is just looking to score that special date night with the man or woman of your dreams.

It’s not as difficult as it seems because all you really need is just a handful of dating ideas to get you started with planning an unforgettable and ideal date. In,you’re about to discover dating ideas which will help you with planning that important date to leave a lasting impression on your partner!

3 Tips For A Successful Millionaire Dating Profile

Online millionaire dating has proved itself as one of the most effective mediums of interaction for those people who are looking for Rich life partners. It was considered as a taboo when it was introduced but now times have changed. Millions of people are finding their perfect matches through this boon of technology. These Basic 3 tips will prove themselves to be effective for successful online dating.

1. Constructing an attractive profile

We all have heard, “First impression is the last impression”. It is time to finally apply this saying by making an appealing and interesting profile. Putting up a good profile picture, also called display picture, will encourage people to visit your profile. Make sure that your picture is not older than six months. Make yourself stand out by writing a cool description about yourself. Avoid using phrases like, “I am a fun loving person and I like to watch movies” because every other profile has the same content. Be creative! It is compulsory to add the list of your hobbies and interests in order to make your profile tempting.

2. Be yourself

Treat others the way you want to be treated. Never lie about yourself! It is very easy to disguise your real identity and pretend to be someone else but in the end when you confess that you have been insincere this whole time, this will shatter someone’s heart.

3. Be an effective conversationalist

People who are blessed with the quality of keeping an engaging conversation are adored by everyone. Stay away from discussing sensitive topics like politics, religion; sex etc. complimenting someone will increase your chances to become friends with that person. Use gentle humor once in a while because people like to be amused and entertained. Do not provide anyone your personal information unless you are hundred percent sure about the identity of that person. Keeping these easy and effective tricks in your mind, you can easily and will surely find a mate.

Things to Talk About On your Date

In everyday life, thousands of people are using online dating and finding their perfect matches. With the spreading of technology, online dating has emerged as well. Those days are long gone when this platform was considered a round-table used by socially outcast people. One begins his/her online search by simply constructing a profile on a online dating website. He/she sends messages to people who they finds compatible for themselves and at the same time he/she receives message from random online daters. One should know how to deal with people in order to find their mate and for that, the following tips will be supportive for online dates.

1. Effective conversation

Start your conversation by simply greeting your date. Compliments work faster than magic in the world of online dating. People like to be praised and that’s what you should do. Mostly your date would like to talk about good and interesting things. Interesting does not mean discussing physics or chemistry but topics which will entertain you both.

2. Respect your date

Respect is what your online date expects from you. It is alright to have different point of views and that is what makes us all different and unique. If your date does not feel like staying up late and talking to you, then do not force him. It is the worst thing you can do to spoil your date.

3. No emotional stuff

Getting emotional and sharing your past experiences is a big ‘no no’ when it comes to online dates. Instead be creative and use humor. Humor is the key to win someone’s heart. Now that you have won your date’s heart, ask her if she would like to do it again sometime in future.

4. Avoid sensitive topics

It is your online date, come on! You do not want to discuss politics or religion. No sex talks or heavy flirting. Maintain the integrity of your character. Trust me; it is not difficult to act like a gentleman.

How to Use Online Millionaire Dating Services

Your love life can suffer at the hands of your career. There are many people you will meet who are still single and getting older day by day. This causes a problem in their personal life as they are unable to find a suitable partner for themselves. Working all the time has an adverse effect on the social skills as well. Online dating is a good way for such people to find their soul mate. Online dating is a hot trend and many people are using it to find love. Almost a fifth of all the marriages taking place are through online dating so you can be sure that it works. Here are some tips on how to use online dating services.

1. Choose a Reliable Site

There are so many online dating services that it is easy to get confused about which one to choose. Once you are on a website, make sure that it is genuine. You can search on the internet about it and check independent feedback on various forums. If anyone gives a bad review of the site, it is advisable that you get off it as soon as possible.

2. Avoid giving Personal Information

Once you have found the website you think is right, you need to register on it. Most of the online dating sites have free registration but some features have to be paid for. You must exercise a degree of caution when giving out personal information. Avoid sites that ask for your credit card information or your social security number right away.

3. Beware of Fake Profiles

The biggest issue with online dating services is the fake profiles. Males pose as females and vice versa. It is better that you ascertain whether the person you are chatting with is genuine or not. You can do this through a webcam chat or talking on the phone. Make sure of this before you arrange a meeting. Online dating services will work for you if you follow these tips.

Most Asked Questions about Millionaire Dating Websites Reviews

Is millionaire match is good site for dating?

Yes, MillionaireMatch is good and legitimate Dating site, which helped lot more singles to find rich and elite dating partners. 

Where can i date millionaire?

Want to Date a millionaire? Want to meet a millionaire? you are at right place, there are lot more dating sites available to find Millionaires, the above mentioned sites are best among all.  Signup and find your perfect millonaire match.

What is the top rated dating website for millionaire?

No more doubts, most of the  couples will always suggest MillionaireMatch.

What is the best dating website to find a serious relationship?

Again same answer,  Millionaire Match s the best dating website which help others to find a serious relationship.

"Love is when the desire to be desired takes you so badly that you feel you could die of it."
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Henri de Toulouse